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1MW-Metal Roof Solar PV Mounting Brackets

1MW-Metal Roof Solar PV Mounting Brackets

August 16, 2023

KINGSOLAR installed 1MW metal roof solar PV in Malaysia project

The project adopts the design of metal roof large plate fixture fixed and  rail

The metal roof photovoltaic mounting system has great flexibility for the design and planning of commercial or residential rooftop solar energy systems, and is mainly used on metal roofs. This metal roof solar mounting system is made of unique aluminum alloy extruded brackets, various blocks and roof pan clamps. It is mainly composed of guide rails, guide rail connecting blocks, large plate fixtures, etc. side pressure. And roof fixtures are designed and processed according to customer requirements to meet the installation requirements of solar cell modules at different latitudes and longitudes in different countries or regions, ensuring the best lighting angle

Metal Roof Mounting Bracket

Product Description:

•Suitable for metal roof installation

•Adjustable, the direction can be changed

•Modular design, quick and easy installation

•The product has strong applicability, suitable for Y-type and H-type guide rails of KINGSOLAR



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