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Tile Roof-Top Solar Mounting Solution

Tile Roof-Top Solar Mounting Solution

May 25, 2022

Tile sloping roof photovoltaic mounting system has great fexibility for the design and planning of commercial or residential roof solar systems, mainly used for glazed tile roofs. This tile roof solar mounting system is made of unigue aluminum alloy extruded brackets, various blocks andvarious roof hooks. It is mainly composed of guide rails, quide ail connecting blocks, medium pressure. side pressure. and roof hooksThe angle is desianed and processed according to the reguirements of customers to meet the installatlon requirements of solarmodules at different latitudes and longitudes in different countries or regions, so as to ensure the best lighting angle.

tile roof solar mounting system

•Scope of application

The alazed tile roof photovoltaic mounting system is mainly suitable for residential roofs and has great flexibility. t is suitable for alkinds of solar panel tiled sloping roofs, and common tile types of civil buildings can be used, including asphalt tiles glazed tilescement flat tiles. Roman tiles, Spanish tiles and slate tiles.

• Solution

This photovoltaic mount solution uses specific aluminum extrusion guide rails, various pressing blocks and various roof hookschoose the corresponding hook according to the type of tile, fix the hook on the roof beam,choose the approprate aluminum aloquide rail according to the oad requirements of the roof and fx the guide rail on the hook. nsert the pre-installed pressure blocinto the quide rail. place the components and tighten the bolts to fix the components

• Advantages

1.The roof solar bracket system adopts the buckle installation form, which minimizes the types of parts in the whole system, and theinstallation is convenient and quick.

2.Applicable to the installation and application of solar cell modules of different specifications

3.High-quality light-duty aluminum alloy profiles are selected, with a neat and beautiful appearance, light weight, and easytransportation.

tile roof solar mounting system

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